EzyClean Supasafe Transit

Australia's leading graffiti removal products

supplying businesses and government bodies
with proven graffiti removal solutions

Best Quality “After using your products for over 3 years now in the City of Ballarat one word sums
them up perfectly... Brilliant !”

Graffiti Abatement Officer, City of Ballarat


Australian Government Approved


Non Flammable and Non Corrosive

Removes All types of graffiti

A solution for every surface

Graffiti Removal Chemicals have a range of specially developed products to remove graffitti, whether it's marker, texta, feltpen, permanent marker ink, sparay paint, paint or even sun hardened old paint we have a solution to match the problem and the surface. We have the right product to remove graffitti from Bare Brick, Concrete and Stone, as well as Rendered and Painted Brick surfaces. Clean off graffiti from Vehicles, Metal Signs, Powder Coated Surfaces and natural timber easily with the right graffiti removal solution.

Special graffiti removal products for those difficult graffiti removal applications.

Removing graffiti can often leave a ‘ghosting’ effect on the surface, we have a product specially developed to remove ‘ghosting’. Getting graffiti off ‘sensitive’ surfaces such as statues and buildings of historical significance can be difficult without damaging the surface, we have a product created for use on sensitive surfaces and heritage listed objects. We even have a product developed to remove stubborn old, sun hardened paint.

Need a graffiti removal product that can be used in high traffic public areas safely?

Graffiti Removal Chemicals have developed EzyClean Supasafe Transit, the only graffiti removal product to meet Australian. Government Non Dangerous Goods criteria available in Australia.

Graffiti Removal Chemicals is leading the way in graffiti removal solutions that work.

Australian made and ownedProudly made in Australia, guaranteed to work.