We are here to assist all Departments

by specialising in developing total solutions

for graffiti problems not just selling products!

Graffiti Removal Systems Pty Ltd trading as Graffiti Removal Chemicals are a leading supplier of graffiti abatement solutions to all levels of Government in Australia and have been since 2006.

We have partnered with over 25 Victorian Councils and Interstate Councils in the supply of our EzyClean Graffiti Removal Products.

We are proud to say that many of them are still with us.

It is our policy to provide comprehensive training to field crews in the application and correct use of our products

to ensure a great "Job Done"

Graffiti Removal Chemicals regularly participate in Community "Clean-Up Days" with numerous Councils.

This service is provided at no charge

The majority of our growth has been achieved offering the highest standard of graffiti removal solutions with our

environmentally sustainable products.

We place strong emphasis on sound environmental management.

Our EzyClean Graffiti Removal Products have been proven to and continues to use 75% less water than other products.

We are committed to continue delivering exemplary customer service and innovative solutions to aid in the

fight against graffiti vandalism.


Pricing of Graffiti Removal Chemicals are a "minefield" 

Costs of graffiti removal chemicals can range from $8.00 to $30 per litre (some even more), they are often shelved in a general suite of cleaning chemicals and usually 'under perform'. So, at $10 a litre, they appear to be a "great buy" however...they fail! 


A Council I had been supplying for over 10 years, came to me one day  and informed me they had received direction from the Finance Department that they had to trial a new product as it was $6 per litre less than mine.  

I understand that budgets are stretched and savings need to be considered.  The trials of this new graffiti remover was conducted over 3 weeks and, at the conclusion, I was invited to the meeting for the result.


I was told that the new graffiti remover they put to trial worked well however, there was only one major problem.  

To remove the graffiti totally, the crew had to  "apply 3 coats of the product"  "it did not work wet on wet" and

"what should have taken them 20 minutes took an hour"

There is no magical Graffiti Removal Product in "one bottle". Many Companies market a "Cure All Solution in a Bottle"

for any type of graffiti on any surface....well, for over 18 years of trying them all, I can say with conviction "NOT TRUE".


The graffiti remover the crew trialled from the other Company was $12 per litre x 3 coats, to get the job done cost $36.00 per litre 

and the job took 1 hour.

Our EzyClean Red Graffiti Remover is $18 per litre x 1 coat to get the job done cost $18.00 per litre.  

Our product works "wet on wet" and the total removal job time was 20 minutes.  

We are proud to say that this particular Council is still with us today because they understood the "real cost"

of getting the job done right the first time.


The benefits of using our EzyClean Graffiti Removal Products is that your crews productivity is increased, you use less chemical

and you have happier team members.

Removing graffiti is a thankless task, so why make it harder using chemicals that only perform in a mediocre capacity

and cost you more.

Greg Ireland

Graffiti Removal Chemicals

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