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Graffiti Removal Training Centre
February 2022

Graffiti Removal Training


Purpose-designed courses for new "Start-Ups", Contractors, Council Teams and anyone who wants to learn how to remove graffiti the correct way from all surfaces responsibly and without damage.






"Hello Greg

After exhausting many avenues for effective graffiti removal products, and trying to find a specialized course in graffiti removal I will be ever grateful that I contacted you.

Your 20 years of experience in graffiti removal and attention to detail and your range of EzyClean products are without doubt the best in the Australian marketplace.

The dedicated training facility in Hervey Bay and the interactive hands on involvement, left no doubt that I could tackle any graffiti removal without fear of failure. Rather than consider the cost of the course as an expense, it is without doubt the best investment I made and a lot of the success of Graffiti Gone WA is because of what you taught me and the ongoing support is excellent. I have no reservation in recommending your brilliant course to anyone who is serious to become a professional contractor. It is a must!"

 Chris Bayley

 Graffiti –Gone WA

For more Graffiti Removal Training Course details go to "CONTRACTORS" Tab

Graffiti Removal Training
How to remove graffiti. Professional Graffiti Removal and Protection with EzyGuard Skate penetrating Sealer

January 2022

Protective Coatings and Sealers. Anti Graffiti Coatings. Penetrating Sealers

Introducing 3 proven solutions to protect and sustain the integrity of your

Council assets and infrastructure

EzyCoat Repel Anti-Graffiti Coating Engineered for the protection of artworks and buildings

EzyGuard Skate Penetrating Sealer A purpose engineered penetrating sealer for concrete skate ramps & bowls to stop deep staining of inks & dyes

EzyShield Penetrating Sealer Superior protections against stains in high pedestrian traffic areas

Over the years there have been many products touted to be the "magic cure" for these ongoing challenges...most failed. Now, you can evaluate the integrity of these 3 amazing products for yourself with our free "Test Kits"

Anti Graffiti Coating. Anti Graffiti Sealers. Penetrating Sealer.
How to remove graffiti. Professional Graffiti Removal and Protection with EzyGuard Skate penetrating Sealer

Happy Holidays
December 2021


Graffiti Removal Chemicals






Graffiti Removal Chemicals

November 2021


EzyGuard Skate Penetrating Sealer


EzyGuard Skate Penetrating Sealer
EzyGuard Skate Penetrating Sealer


In the last 9 months (since our March Newsletter), one of the most frequent inquiries I received was from Council Officers and Contractors asking me for assistance about the on-going challenge of removing graffiti "shadows" from their skate ramps.

Due to the porous nature of concrete ramps, bowls etc, aggressive inks, dyes and spraycan paints can penetrate the surface to 10mm (see above photo)

Excessive time and money has been unfortunately wasted by misinformation on so-called "anti-graffiti surface coatings". These DO NOT work and are not sustainable.


  • They sit on the surface and deteriorate very quickly due to skate wheels, scooter wheels and heavy patronage by the skaters.

  • They alter the co-efficiency of the skating surface.

  • The surface becomes very slippery.

  • As they deteriorate, their anti-graffiti properties are dramatically reduced (hence the shadows)


Call me now and start saving time and money: 1300 59 77 80

How to remove graffiti. Professional Graffiti Removal and Protection with EzyGuard Skate penetrating Sealer

Suppressing Graffiti Vandalism
Conquering the Impossible Problem?

October 2021


Graffiti Removal Chemicals. Remove graffiti safely, easily & quickly.

Please click on the link to see the whole story

Graffiti Removal Chemicals. How to remove graffiti
Graffiti Removal Chemicals. How to remove graffiti safely, easily & quickly.

City of Whitehorse....Well Done!
September 2021


City of Whitehorse


A Big "SHOUT-OUT to Mark and the team, City of Whitehorse

for their proactive approach to graffiti vandalism


The challenge of removing graffiti during covid restrictions has not deterred Mark and the team from keeping Whitehorse "Clean & Green"

When a resident reported a large graffiti attack on their colourbond garage door, Mark and the team responded immediately.

Our EzyClean Blue Graffiti Remover did the job (see comments below)

"I was super impressed by your blue chemical – see pics of the large tag I removed from the garage door using your blue chemical- The door came up brand new without any discoloration or loss of sheen – amazing!"

 And from the very happy Resident


Graffiti Removal Chemicals
Graffiti Removal Products.
Graffiti Removal Chemicals
Graffiti Removal Chemicals. How to remove graffiti

Welcome Paint Right Maroochydore
August 2021


PaintRight Logo.png

New Distribution Centre, Sunshine Coast QLD

A big Welcome to John, Tiaan and the Team at Paint Right Maroochydore

Graffiti Removal Chemicals are excited to have onboard such a professional, long established company as Paint Right to service all of the Sunshine Coast.

Paint Right has committed to stocking our EzyClean Range of graffiti removal products including bulk chemicals, Contractor Starter Packs, School Graffiti Removal Kits, Graffiti EzyWipes and the handy EzyClean Blue Aerosols as well as our Anti-Graffiti Coatings and Sealers.

Paint Right welcome anyone affected by graffiti vandalism whether a Contractor, Council, School, Residents etc to seek their professional advice.

The Team at Paint Right have completed the graffiti removal training and look forward to assisting you with your graffiti problems.

Paint Right Maroochydore

21 Trinder Avenue

Maroochydore QLD 4558

Ph: (07) 5443 7744

Graffiti Removal Chemicals. How to remove graffiti

July 2021


Throughout these challenging times of "covid", we would like to acknowledge all the Contractors and Companies who support us at Graffiti Removal Chemicals.

Business pre and post covid will always present hiccups. Having experienced the highs and lows over 20 years, I know personally how daunting this can be.

Carlos from TagVic, a contractor for 15 years, reached out for advice into exploring different markets. As we are all aware, most inquiries for graffiti removal are received because the entity wants to have the surface restored to its original pre-vandalised condition. Traditional markets for Contractors are Councils, FM Companies, Body Corps etc, they are the usual drivers for requests. After lengthy discussion with Carlos, I suggested that an often neglected target market was Commercial and Residential Real Estate Agents.

With the boom in the property market, presentation is the key for this industry.

Carlos has since informed me that he contacted 6 Real Estate Agents in his area, which has resulted in an uptake of his graffiti removal services from display boards, commercial buildings plus the added bonus of pressure washing jobs.

Additionally, by examining other non traditional markets, he has gained business with Earth Moving Companies working on housing and commercial subdivisions, where machinery is left unattended on weekends and is a target for graffiti vandalism.

I encourage you to call if you would like to discuss other non-traditional markets I can help you with.

Greg Ireland

Graffiti Removal Chemicals. How to remove graffiti

Graffiti EzyWipes and SupaSafe EzyWipes

They don't "dry out"
June 2021


How to remove graffiti. SupaSafe Graffiti Wipes
How to remove graffiti. Graffiti EzyWipes
How to remove graffiti. Graffiti EzyWipes
How to remove graffiti. How to remove texta graffiti. Graffiti EzyWipes. SupaSafe EzyWipes
How to remove graffiti. How to remove texta graffiti. Graffiti EzyWipes. SupaSafe EzyWipes

A constant complaint that we are finding is that the graffiti wipes available in Australia, once opened, dry-out...making them totally ineffective and costly.  This is not the case with Graffiti Removal Chemicals Graffiti EzyWipes and SupaSafe EzyWipes. 

Ours are the only canister on the Australian market that have a fully sealed inner foil lining. It keeps the wipes moist even in the hottest conditions. We solved the problem for the City of Karratha, WA, where the average temperature is 35 degrees C plus every day. They have had no problems with our Wipes drying out.

How to remove graffiti. Graffiti Removal Products. Graffiti EzyWipes. SupaSafe EzyWipes

Suppress graffiti vandalism. Conquer the problem
"Partner with the Community"

May 2021


Graffiti Removal Kits
Graffiti Removal Kits
Graffiti Removal Kits
Graffiti Removal Kits

After consultation and listening to many Councils Australia-wide, we have the largest range of Volunteer Graffiti Removal Kits that are safe, effective and easy to use for all Community Groups.

Contact us for your free sample and you be the judge!

"The City of Yarra was so confident in Graffiti Removal Systems products that we asked them to develop their products into Kit forms in 2008 for our residents and volunteers to help assist us in keeping our city clean & green."

Engineering Services, City of Yarra

How to remove graffiti. Graffiti Removal Kits

Steve and the Team at

April 2021


How to remove graffiti professionally. Steamatic Adelaide
Steamatic Adelaide: 1300 783 262
How to remove graffiti from brick
How to remove graffiti from brick

With the demand for graffiti removal services growing in South Australia, Steamatic Adelaide made the decision to add graffiti removal to their range of services.

"After lengthy research & inquiries into which were the best graffiti removal products available, we decided to use Graffiti Removal Chemicals products to service our many clients. The support, technical advice and access to continual training, we are 100% satisfied with our decision. Thanks very much"

Steve O'Connor, Steamatic, Adelaide

How to remove graffiti. Professional Graffiti Removal

Protection against graffiti for your Skate Parks
the EZY way

March 2021


Anti Graffiti Penetrating Sealer. Concrete Sealer
How to remove graffiti from Skate Bowl and protect the surface. Penetrating Sealer
How to remove graffiti from Skate Bowl and protect the surface. Apply Penetrating Sealer and protect the surface

EzyGuard Penetrating Sealer will reduce your clean-up time by up to 50%

Specifically designed:

To protect the skating surface from deep penetration by spraycan paint, texta, inks and dyes.

To protect the surface from harsh cleaning methods.

To not alter the coefficient of friction or slip factor.

EzyGuard Penetrating Sealer is Water Based and Non DG

EzyGuard Penetrating Sealer is non film-forming and will not peel or flake like topical sealers. 

EzyGuard Penetrating Sealer will provide protection for up to 5 years when used with our EzyClean Products

"Thanks Greg,

The EzyGuard Skate Penetrating Sealer cut my graffiti removal time in half and I used 50% less chemical. What a great saving!"

David, Graffiti Removalist, Victoria

How to remove graffiti. Professional Graffiti Removal and Protection with EzyGuard Skate penetrating Sealer

Congratulations Chris
Graffiti Gone-WA

February 2021


How to remove graffiti professionally
Chris Bayley Ph: 0448 272 323
How to remove graffiti from Skate Bowl
How to remove graffiti from Skate Bowl

Thanks for sharing this fabulous result with us. What an incredible outcome on the McCallum Park Skate Park, Perth WA. Always a challenge with graffiti when it's 10+ years old.

Really pleased to hear that the EzyClean Red Graffiti Remover and the EzyClean BadAss Paint Stripper produced this outstanding result.

Keep up the good work.



How to remove graffiti. Professional Graffiti Removal