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Specialised Graffiti Removal Training Course

 We at Graffiti Removal Chemicals would like to share our knowledge with you to assist you in

 GROWING YOUR BUSINESS with our Specialised  Graffiti Removal Training Course. The only one in Australia!

Starting Up???

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Want to Grow?

  1. You are an individual or couple wanting to start a graffiti removal business.

  2. You have an existing business i.e. cleaning, maintenance etc. that graffiti removal would make a perfect 'bolt on' opportunity.

  3. Your are an established contractor that wants better graffiti removal chemicals that guarantee outstanding results in less time.

Whichever category you may be in Graffiti Removal Chemicals are here to help for the long term.

Nearly all chemical companies pitch "how great their products are", "they'll solve all graffiti removals", "show "how to videos"

but really, the pitch is only "about sales", not helping you grow your business.

Its all good to have a product range to remove graffiti, but do any of these companies tell you what the next step is...NO.

This is why we have decided to set up a dedicated support section to help you deal with daily challenges that confront all start up and even established businesses  to develop a sustainable, profitable and long term venture.

We originally started as contractors in 2002. We selected a range of products to use, and that's where the advice stopped from the chemical companies. Sadly I hear stories all the time that this is still the case.


We will address the key challenges that we faced when we started and will be pleased to share with you all the help we can provide.


  1. How do you charge for graffiti removal?

  2. How big is the Australian market?  What is the $ spend?

  3. Who do you target in the market, in other words who pays to have graffiti removed?

  4. What percentage is paint out v chemical removal?

  5. How to work out graffiti removal chemical and paint costs?

  6. Hot Water pressure washer v Cold water pressure washer

  7. How  to identify defacing mediums used for graffiti?

  8. Is it harder to remove older graffiti than fresh graffiti?

  9. What is the set up cost for a fully equipped vehicle including machinery and consumables?


For over 12 years we formulated and adhered to a series of proven procedures to continually develop a profitable and sustainable business model, which we are happy to share with you and support you all the way through the purchase of chemicals, technical advice and development strategies to ensure your business is also  successful.

With most small business you never know when you may need help, always feel confident you can email or phone anytime and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Greg Ireland

Mobile: 0419 315 768


Graffiti Removal Training Course


To achieve the perfect outcome, understanding the principles of successful graffiti removal

without damaging the surface, will boost your credibility and reputation ensuring a successful and professional business.

Graffiti Removal Chemicals are committed to assisting you in growing your business by providing you with

comprehensive training in the application and correct use of our EzyClean Graffiti Removal Product range at our facility in Airport West Victoria.

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