EzyClean Graffiti Removal Products

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Successfully removing graffiti is a matter of using the right graffiti removal solution to match the type of graffiti and the surface it is on.

Graffiti Removal Chemicals have a range of products designed to remove marker, felt pen, texta, permanent marker, pen ink, wax crayon,

spray paint, household paint, even old, sun baked paint from a multitude of surfaces.

We even have a graffiti removal solution to remove unsightly ‘ghosting‘ sometimes left behind once the graffiti has been cleaned off.

Our graffiti removal solutions have been formulated to safely remove graffiti from bare brick and stonework, concrete, rendered surfaces, natural timbers, painted surfaces, powder coated and metal surfaces as well as sensitive structures such as monuments, statues and heritage buildings.

All of our products are manufactured in Australia and have been tried and proven consistently by a range of

commercial clients and government authorities.

We are one of the few Companies in Australia to have an independently tested Graffiti Removal Product that meets all

Australian Government Non Dangerous Goods criteria.

Proudly Made in Australia  Guaranteed to Work.

Which EzyClean Graffiti Removal Product


Protective Coating / Sealer do I use?

The Longer
The Wetter
The Better


Graffiti Remover

EzyClean Red achieves a consistent success rate of 98%

Ideal for Councils, Contractors and anybody who is serious in removing graffiti professionally & quickly with no damage to the surface or the environment. Ideal for removing spray can paint, ironlak, buff ink, molotow & permanent marker from bare brick, masonry, concrete, stone and other non painted surfaces

Coverage: Approx 4-6m2 p/l.

Superior "Wetting" Agent: Even in the hottest areas of Australia, it will remain 70% wetter than any other product. No waste of product or water. Works "Wet on Wet"

Fast Acting: Use less product & 60% less water when rinsing

Ezy to Apply: Brush or Broom on

Superior graffiti remover: Tackle the job with confidence. Professional results achieved

Contractor Tuff: Developed for Contractors by Contractors with over 45 yrs combined experience...we know it works every time

Biodegradable: Product is neutralised when rinsed off with water                                                                                                 

Features  & Benefits

National Icon: Captain Cooks Cottage, Melbourne. Victoria

Our instructions were clear..."remove graffiti without damage"...the result speaks for itself


How to remove graffiti with EzyClean Red Graffiti Remover

"The only product approved for  removing graffiti from Captain Cook's Cottage.

Thank you Greg"

Transfield, City of Melbourne

"Using your products for over 6 years, we wouldn't use anything else...perfect"

Greater City of Ballarat

"We don't struggle anymore. Nothing prior worked as well as your EzyClean range of graffiti removal products"

Engineering Services, City of Yarra

"After 10 years, nothing beats the

EzyClean range of products...

Absolutely Brilliant!"

Maroondah City Council