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Graffiti Removal Training Course
Professional Graffiti Removal Training Course
Graffiti Removal Chemicals

At a Minimum

Graffiti Removal Chemicals


Ideal for Councils, Contractors and anyone that wants to

learn how to remove graffiti the correct way.

A "hands-on" interactive approach to successful graffiti removal


With an annual spend in Australia by State Govt, Local Govt, FM Companies, Schools, Body Corporates, Bus Lines,  Railways, Insurance Companies, large Corporations, and the general public, spending is now $500 million plus and growing. Sounds great, but I don’t know where to start, believe me your not alone.


What’s the next step?


I have been involved in this exciting industry for 20 + years as a contractor and a chemical manufacturer and above all there was never any support just chemical companies selling magic potions to remove all graffiti, well let me tell you tried them all with limited success.

To get on the front foot and not the unemployment queue we developed a range of chemicals in the field not in a laboratory so I guarantee they work. More importantly we developed the only graffiti Removal Training course  in Australia to show you how they work. Our dedicated training centre is located in Melbourne 10 minutes from Melbourne Airport and 20 minutes from Melbourne CBD.

Our course is designed and built upon over 65000 removals so I can teach you how to maximize the versatility of that pressure washer and build a sustainable and profitable graffiti removal business from day one.


That’s all ok Greg, sounds great but how do I gain traction and pitch my services to?


We also cover what markets to target, how to charge, how to work out chemical costs, how to write a winning quote, create further income streams, this is all part of the complete course. Combine this knowledge with the hands on graffiti removal training and I guarantee you are on your way to kicking goals.

Graffiti Removal Training Course


Our Graffiti Removal Training Course has been designed for “all-comers”.

Whether you are a start-up business, an established business who wants to bolt on graffiti removal as an additional service, an established contractor who wants a point of difference in other words kiss shadowing goodbye and wants outstanding results our training course in Melbourne is guaranteed to deliver.


Why did I create this professional training course?


Over the last 20 years I have many contractors come to me in despair, angry and disillusioned at the lack of support from general chemical companies that sell a  range of products from toilet cleaners, air purifiers, soap powder, disinfectant etc and throw into the mix some very dubious graffiti removal chemicals that they claim work.

Standard answer when they don’t work is buy another product or it must be a new ink or spraycan, THAT’S CRAP! More wasted $$$

They simply don’t specialize in any one field, they offer no training and very little or no back up support.

At Graffiti Removal Chemicals for the last 20 years our sole focus is developing the best graffiti removers with our EzyClean Range, continual technical support, sales support and now the only Professional Training Course in Australia.

Should the above sound all too familiar? That’s why we are here to help. Stop wasting time and hard earned $$$. 

You have a lot to offer as a “Professional Graffiti Remover” as graffiti removal is the most specialised cleaning discipline because you are dealing with multiple surfaces, multiple defacing mediums, which translated means you are a SPECIALIST in restoring damaged surfaces. I will assure you after doing our course you will be a specialist, have a business to be proud of and become a recognized leader in your field.

Our EzyClean range of Graffiti Removal Products are made in Australia for Australian conditions from the extreme heat of WA to the freezing cold of Tasmania. That is why they work!



Greg Ireland


Call me: 0419 315 768

Email me:

Graffiti Removal Training

Graffiti Removal Training Course

BrickWall Before.jpg
BrickWall After.jpg

Module 1 "Theory"  Duration: 2hrs



                                        1. Primary Market Opportunities

                                        2. How to leverage multiple income streams

                                        3. Principles of successful graffiti removal without damage

                                        4. How is graffiti removal charged?

                                        5. Set up costs

                                        6. When do you remove graffiti or paint it out?

                                        7. How to write a "winning" quote                                             

                                        8. Hot Water V Cold Water

                                        9. Working out chemical costs

                                       10. O,H & S Compliance

Purposely designed for new "start up" businesses to guarantee the foundation set for a successful business.

Module 2 Training Facility "Practice"   Duration: 2hrs

                                        1. How to remove graffiti from masonry surfaces

                                        2. How to remove graffiti from painted surfaces

                                        3. How to remove graffiti from colourbond surfaces

                                        4. How to remove graffiti from laminate surfaces

                                        5. How to remove graffiti from metal surfaces

                                        6. How to remove graffiti from tile surfaces

                                        7. How to remove graffiti from plastic surfaces

                                        8. How to remove graffiti from signs

                                        9. Identification of various surfaces

                                      10. Correct chemical selection

                                      11. How to paint-out correctly

                                      12. Correct use of pressure washer

                                      13. Tips and Tricks


Upon completion of the course you will receive, hard copy material and Certificate of Attainment

Graffiti Removal Training Courses conducted April through to November

Limited to 6 participants per course


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